• What is stress? +

    Stress is a physical response to events or a stimulus like pain or fear that makes you feel threatened and Read More
  • How Does The Body Responds To Stress? +

    When you perceive real or imagined danger or threat — your nervous system responds by releasing stress hormones , including adrenaline and Read More
  • Is Stress Helpfull In Any Way ? if yes ,how? +

    Stress in certain circumstances may be experienced positively. If the stress involved enhances physical or mental function, such as through Read More
  • What are common warning signs of excess stress? +

    Irritability , short temper or being moody Memory problems and inability to concentrate Agitation or an inability to relax Feeling overwhelmed Read More
  • What are effects of long term stress? +

    Chronic stress can have a serious impact on our physical as well as psychological health due to sustained high levels Read More
  • What influences the ability to tolerate stress ? +

    Your support system — A strong network of supportive friends and family members is an enormous buffer against life’s stressors. The Read More
  • How can I cope with stress? +

    There are many things you can do to reduce the impact of stress and cope with symptoms. Exercise regularly ---Go Read More
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  • Stress is a physical response to events or a stimulus like pain or fear that makes you feel threatened and disturbs or interferes with your normal physiological equilibrium.
  • Stress may be acute when it involves sudden, short-lived, threatening event e.g., robbery, giving a speech or it may be chronic as in marital conflict,or continuous job stress.

However, the term is commonly used by laypersons, for any perceived difficulties in life, causing mild irritation to the kind of severe problems that might result in a breakdown of health. Common stress symptoms include irritability, muscular tension, and a variety of physical reactions such as headaches and elevated heart rate.

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